Last updated May 2014


  • The Handy GPS app for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone

  • AusDatumTool (previously called ConvertCoords) - Convert between Australian and NZ datums

  • Other mapping utilities (Compute Datum Shift, Convert GPX to KML, Create KML Grid, Convert Units)

  • File utilities (HexToolkit, Find in Files, Rename a Visual Studio project)

  • Utility to catalogue all your photo CDs using thumbnail images (Windows)

  • Utility to resize images (Windows)

  • Utility to make HTML page for images (Windows)

  • World Time Clock (Windows)

  • MergeTABs (Combine multiple MapInfo TAB/MIF files) (Windows)

  • Windows Info utility (Windows)

  • Binary sieve tool (DOS/Windows/Unix)

  • Hex dump utility (DOS/Windows/Unix)

  • Split a large file into chunks so it can be saved on floppy disks (DOS/Windows)

    Other interesting stuff



    DOS software

    Experimental Java Applets

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    The software provided on this page is free for individual use but must not be redistributed or sold. All software is copyright Anthony Dunk.

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