Binary file split utility

Floppy disks and memory sticks just aren't large enough sometimes, but this command-line utility will let you split up a large file into a number of chunks which can be recombined later using the matching program.

To split a large file (say test.dat) up into 1MB chunks type bsplit test.dat. This will create the following output files: test.dat-1, test.dat-2, etc. These files can then be saved to individual floppy disks.

To split a file into larger chunks you can use the -m option (1.4MB per chunk), or -s which allows you to specify how many MBs per chunk e.g. -s 10 creates chunks which are each 10MB.

When you are ready to reassemble the files on another computer, use the unbsplit program like this: unbsplit test.dat-1 test.dat-2 .... This will create a file called out.exe. You should then rename this file to the original filename, i.e. test.dat, and you're done.

Download the utility programs here:

  • bsplit.exe (C source code here)
  • unbsplit.exe (C source code here)