Some wildlife I've seen on recent bushwalks (2008 - 2010)


Probably a Yellow-faced Whip Snake, Dharug Nat Park

Diamond Python, Kincumba Mountain Reserve

Diamond Python, McPherson State Forest

Green Tree Snake, Stockton Beach

Probably a dead Bandy Bandy Snake, Yengo Nat Park

Lizards and frogs

A dragon lizard, Dharug Nat Park

Goanna (Lace Monitor), Wyong State Forest

Possibly a Stoney Creek Frog, Wollemi Nat Park

Possibly a Banjo Frog, McPherson State Forest


Echidna, Wyong State Forest

A wombat in its burrow at the back of a cave, Ourimbah


Weevils, Ourimbah State Forest

Sawfly larvae on eucalypt leaf, Dharug Nat Park

Native cockroach, Yengo Nat Park


Small red yabby (probably Euastacus australasiensis), Popran Nat Park

Large blue/green yabby (probably Euastacus spinifer), Ourimbah State Forest

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