The MethLite pot stand

NOTE: Both the first and second batches of MethLites have now sold out and no more will be made. This page is available for information purposes only (May 2008). If you want to make your own, I have made the blueprint available here

This handy accessory for Trangia methylated spirit stoves enables you to go hiking with much less weight and still have the convenience of cooking on a stove whenever you want. If you're not already a Trangia stove owner then you can buy the Trangia metho burner and cooking pots separately from many camping stores and set yourself up with a good value, light weight, and hassle free stove.

The MethLite pot stand

The MethLite pot stand is made from thin but durable 0.55mm stainless steel and weights just 99 grams (3.5 oz). Since it doubles as a pot stand and wind shield it allows you to leave the top and bottom windshield from your Trangia T25 stove at home, saving about a quarter of a kilogram in weight. In addition, the small size means that it fits easily inside a cooking pot with the burner and handle making a compact and light-weight cooking setup.

Table: Comparison of original stove weight with MethLite configuration
Trangia stove model Full stove weight Weight with MethLite, burner, handle, one pot & saucepan Weight saving
T25 (Duossal) 1200 g 640 g 560 g (47 %)

This design has been thoroughly researched and field-tested on multi-day bushwalks to give optimal cooking results with minimal weight. The MethLite is intended for use in mild climates and mild weather only (i.e. not in snow or extremely windy conditions).

To cook using the MethLite simply place your metho burner on a clear and level patch of ground and lower the MethLite over the burner. Then light the burner and place your pot on top. To use the simmer ring for slower cooking, open it half way and lower it onto the burner. Place an inverted Trangia saucepan over the pot for maximum fuel efficiency while cooking.

The MethLite in action (Shown with 1.5L pot and small saucepan lid)

Click here to see more photos of the MethLite in action!

Features: Dimensions: Diameter 11.5cm (4.5"), Height 7.5cm (3").

The MethLite and all the other Trangia gear you need

All the gear stowed in a cooking pot ready for walking

Feedback from Sydney-based bushwalker and Trangia user Mark B (June 2005):

"It looks great and does the job. Its nice and lightweight, and still balances the pot quite well, and its great that it fits inside the pot. A great design."

Feedback from Rob L, Canberra (Sept 2007):

"I have just received the 2 Methlites I ordered from you. More than impressed. Great product. Thanks. Although you have structured your product around Trangia system users, I use the Trangia burner + your Methlite + the stainless steel Thailand (Rocket or Zebra brand) lock down lid pot (available from most camping stores) Works great, durable, strong and at a fraction of the Trangia system price. See pic. Thanks again for a great product."

Sorry, but the last MethLite has now been sold. (May 2008)

For further information please contact me via email, or visit my home page. To see the research which went into the development of the MethLite click here.

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