Gosford's "Hieroglyph Alley"

In the bushland near Kariong there is a small cliff with a pile of boulders below it. Some egyptian hieroglyphs are carved on the walls of a natural alley between the rocks. There are all sorts of theories about the origins of the rock art, but the most likely explanation is that were carved by modern day Australians who were keen on egyptian hieroglyphs. The only question really is how long ago were they carved and by whom.

There was an interesting article about this site titled, "The Kariong Files" in the Newcastle Herald, 1st March 2003. (If you want to view the full text for this article, visit http://www.smh.com.au, search the archives, and download it for a small fee). The article mentions an incident where the National Parks and Wildlife Service caught someone carving on the rocks here in 1984. However, it is not clear if this person was the originator of all the carvings or was merely adding his own symbols to the existing set. One piece of info which was not mentioned in the article is that there are old house foundations and an introduced tree about 50-100 metres east of the carvings. The people that once lived here may know who made the original rock art.

An analysis of the site is here.