Discovering Gosford's Bushland on foot

Published August 2004

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Consists of 80 pages, including sketch maps, B/W photos, walk descriptions, and background material. Dimensions: 12.5cm x 18cm. Weight: 100 grams. RRP $13.95. Published by EnviroBook.

Why did I write this book ? My early bushwalking years were spent exploring the Gosford area, and then I moved to Sydney for work and spent many of my weekends in the Blue Mountains. Having moved back to the Central Coast again in 2000, I felt it was time to put together all I knew about this great bushwalking location into a book. A number of other books have been published which contain information about some walks in the Gosford area, but only this book brings together all the popular walks into a single compact guide.

I'm very happy with the way this book turned out. The maps in particular are much neater than in my previous two books. The digital photos also came up very well in the final product.

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