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Last updated 17 Jun 2022, 161 walks listed

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14 Jun 2022: Deep Creek, Watagans HardN/A
6 Jun 2022: Smugglers Ridge to Marramarra Creek campground Medium18 km
28 May 2022: Staples Lookout to Pindar Cave via Kariong Brook Falls Hard20 km
8 May 2022: Kayaking down Mooney Mooney Creek Medium10 km
1 May 2022: Woy Woy Rd to Waterfall Bay via Bambara Rd Hard6.5 km
24 Apr 2022: Catherine Hill Bay bunkers and Shark Hole Easy/Medium6 km
17 Apr 2022: Cooranbong Swing Bridge and Sandy Creek Walking trail Easy2.4 km
16 Apr 2022: Woy Woy Bay Fire Trail Medium3 km
10 Apr 2022: Iron Ladder Beach to Box Head Hard3.5 km
27 Mar 2022: Tommo's Loop Firetrail N/AN/A
20 Mar 2022: Woy Woy Rd to Mullet Creek Tunnel Medium8.5 km
6 Mar 2022: Woy Woy Rd to the Woy Woy Trough Waterfall Medium5 km
27 Feb 2022: Woy Woy Rd to Kariong Brook Falls Medium5 km
19 Feb 2022: Grahame Drive to Mount Bouddi via the Old Quarry Trail, Bouddi National Park. Medium7.6 km
14 Feb 2022: Wagstaffe to Lobster Beach via Half Tide Rocks Medium3.5 km
24 Jan 2022: Woy Woy Road to Woy Woy Tip Medium9 km
3 Jan 2022: Central Coast swimming holes and waterfalls N/AN/A
31 Dec 2021: Macleans Lookout to Heaton Lookout Medium7 km
26 Dec 2021: Piles Creek Loop Track, Girrakool Medium4 km
19 Dec 2021: Green Point Creek, Pearl Beach Medium2 km
12 Dec 2021: Old Richmond Vale railway line, Stockrington Medium5 km
4 Dec 2021: The Rampart, Umina to Patonga Creek Hard11 km
15 Nov 2021: The fishway at upper Ourimbah Creek weir EasyN/A
13 Nov 2021: Woy Woy tip to Rocky Ponds and Highway Ridge lookout Medium16.5 km
24 Oct 2021: Dillons Farm to Patonga Creek Hard10 km
17 Oct 2021: Patonga EasyN/A
10 Oct 2021: Lobster Beach to Little Box Head Medium3 km
3 Oct 2021: Wards Hill to Daleys Point. Medium7 km
29 Aug 2021: Exploratory walk in Dharug National Park HardN/A
8 Aug 2021: Ourimbah Creek Rd to Tooheys Rd Hard15 km
18 Jul 2021: Exploratory walk in Ourimbah State Forest HardN/A
27 Jun 2021: Palmdale Road to Middle Ridge Road, Ourimbah State Forest Medium5.5 km
14 Jun 2021: White St, East Gosford to Cappers Gully Quarry Easy1.7 km
12 Jun 2021: Mangrove Mountain to Clare's Bridge Hard25 km
30 May 2021: Yellow Rock Lookout, Pokolbin State Forest Medium8.5 km
22 May 2021: Pines Picnic Area to Abbotts Falls, Watagans Medium8 km
21 May 2021: Erina Fair Shopping Centre to Colin Watters Lookout, Kincumba Mountain Reserve Medium5.4 km
15 May 2021: Bar Lookout to Mt Warrawolong, Watagans. Medium15 km
2 May 2021: Cedar Brush Creek GNW trackhead to ridge top Medium4 km
2 May 2021: Bumble Hill Dray Track Easy6 km
25 April 2021: Exploratory kayak/walk at Bar Point HardN/A
21 April 2021: Terrigal Boardwalk Easy1 km
11 April 2021: Mt Elliot to Seymour Pond Easy/medium4 km
10 April 2021: Macmasters Beach to Little Beach Easy2 km
3 April 2021: Karool Rd to Old Mooney Mooney Dam Easy/medium11 km
2 April 2021: Swansea Heads Easy1.5 km
29 March 2021: Silvesters Rd Somersby to Old Mooney Mooney Dam Medium14 km
14 March 2021: Copacabana Beach to Little Beach Easy8 km
13 March 2021: Mount Sugarloaf Easy2 km
6 March 2021: Old Narara airstrip to Strickland State Forest Easy/Medium6 km
14 February 2021: Redhead to Dudley Medium10 km
6 February 2021: Avoca Beach to Arden Avenue Easy2 km
31 January 2021: Avoca Beach rock platforms Easy1.2 km
25 January 2021: Crackneck Lookout to Wyrrabalong Lookout Easy3 km
10 January 2021: Kariong to Spoin Kop Medium10 km
1 January 2021: Caves Beach to Catherine Hill Bay Easy5.5 km
28 December 2020: Timber Beach, Munmorah State Conservation Area Easy/Medium1 km
21 December 2020: The Basin, Watagans ExploratoryN/A
13 December 2020: Hay Trig, Watagans Easy/Medium11 km
6 December 2020: Norah Head to Soldiers Beach loop Easy/Medium5 km
9 November 2020: Great North Walk section 11: Somersby to Kulnura Medium15 km
12 October 2020: Congewai Valley to Myall Range, Watagans Medium28 km
10 October 2020: The Railway Dams, Somersby Medium2.5 km
19 September 2020: Myall Range, Watagans National Park Easy/Medium18 km
18 September 2020: Terrigal Surf Club to the Skillion Easy2 km
13 September 2020: Flat Rock Lookout Medium/Hard8 km
6 September 2020: Bullimah Lookout to Maitland Bay Medium3.5 km
5 September 2020: Abbotts Falls, Onley State Forest Medium/Hard3.5 km
30 August 2020: Boarding House Dam, Watagans National Park Easy0.8 km
23 August 2020: Gap Creek Falls, Watagans National Park Medium5 km
17 August 2020: Aboretum Walk, Strickland State Forest Easy2.5 km
9 August 2020: Great North Walk section 8: Patonga to Wondabyne Medium/Hard19 km
19 July 2020: Norah Head Lighthouse loop Easy2.2 km
16 July 2020: Kendalls Glen Hard0.5 km
28 June 2020: Coba Point Trail, Marramarra National Park Medium20 km
20 June 2020: Coba Ridge Firetrail to Collingridge Point, Marramarra National Park Medium14 km
14 June 2020: Woy Woy Road to Mt Wondabyne and Mullet Creek Tunnel Medium11 km
8 June 2020: Staples Lookout to Kariong Brook Waterfall Medium7 km
7 June 2020: Hawke Head Drive, Killcare Easy3 km
6 June 2020: Woy Woy Bay Fire Trail to Kariong via Spoin Kop Hard9 km
31 May 2020: Koolewong to Spoin Kop, Woy Woy Bay Medium11 km
30 May 2020: Mount Ettalong Lookout Easy1.5 km
17 May 2020: Ridge to Rainforest walk, Strickland State Forest Easy4.4 km
10 May 2020: Staples Lookout to Kariong Brook Waterfall Medium6 km
4 May 2020: Popran National Park near Bar Point HardN/A
2 May 2020: Crackneck Lookout to Wyrrabalong Lookout Easy3 km
25 April 2020: Flat Rock Crossing, Mooney Mooney Creek Easy8.5 km
20 April 2020: Mooney Mooney Creek to Piles Creek suspension bridge Easy5 km
18 April 2020: Mount Penang Parklands, Kariong Easy1.5 km
22 March 2020: Berowra to Cowan (Section 6 of the Great North Walk) Medium13 km
15 March 2020: Arboretum and Bellbird tracks, Strickland State Forest Easy4.5 km
7 March 2020: Crater Cover, Balgowlah Heights Medium2.5 km
2 March 2020: Hornsby Heights to Mt Kuring-gai via Crosslands (Section 5 of Great North Walk) Medium12 km
25 February 2020: Toowoon Bay to The Entrance Ocean Baths Easy3 km
20 February 2020: Gosford to Rumbalara picnic area Easy2.5 km
16 February 2020: Emerald Pool, Popran National Park Easy8 km
8 February 2020: Somersby Falls EasyN/A
5 Februry 2020: Kariong "Hieroglphys" Easy3 km
27 January 2020: Little Tallow Beach, Bouddi National Park Easy3 km
21 January 2020: Bateau Bay to the pebbly beach below Crackneck Lookout Easy3 km
19 January 2020: Fletchers Glen, Bouddi National Park Medium1 km
12 January 2020: Fraters Hotel ruins, Berowra Creek Easy8 km
5 January 2020: Little Beach, Bouddi National Park Easy3 km
30 December 2019: Mount Bouddi to Caves Bay, Bouddi National Park Medium7 km
30 December 2019: Allen Strom Lookout, Bouddi National Park Easy2 km
28 December 2019: Putty Beach to Maitland Bay, Bouddi National Park Easy6 km
25 December 2019: Putty Beach to Gerrin Point Lookout, Bouddi National Park Easy2.5 km
24 December 2019: Putty Beach to Bullimah Beach, Bouddi National Park Easy2 km
8 December 2019: Berowra Heights to Berowra Waters Medium4 km
2 December 2019: Terrigal Skillion and The Haven Easy1 km
1 December 2019: Hornsby to Galston Gorge (Section 4 of the Great North Walk) Medium12 km
17 November 2019: The Fishponds near Hornsby Easy3 km
10 November 2019: Thornleigh to Hornsby (Section 3 of the Great North Walk) Medium10 km
9 November 2019: Warrah Trig to Pearl Beach Easy3 km
3 November 2019: Two short walks in Glenrock State Conservation Area, Newcastle EasyN/A
27 October 2019: Yuelarbah track, Glenrock State Conservation Area, Newcastle Easy6 km
22 October 2019: Tuggerah Business Park to Ourimbah Creek crossing Hard2 km
20 October 2019: Fernleigh Track, Belmont to Adamstown Medium32 km
13 October 2019: Roseville to Thornleigh (Section 2 of the Great North Walk) Medium17 km
29 September 2019: Woolwich to Epping Road (Section 1 of the Great North Walk) Medium12 km
15 September 2019: Catherine Hill Bay to Deep Cave Bay Easy2 km
14 September 2019: Lees Reserve Chittaway to Tuggerah Business Park along Ourimbah Creek Hard1.5 km
7 September 2019: Hornsby Heights to Crosslands via Galston Gorge Medium12 km
25 August 2019: Memorial Walk, Bar Beach, Newcastle Easy2 km
17 August 2019: Tuggerah to Tangy Dangy Medium2.5 km
17 August 2019: Old Woy Woy Basalt railway track Hard4 km
4 August 2019: Mount Kuring-gai to Berowra Creek Medium9.5 km
6 July 2019: America Bay track, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Easy2 km
1 July 2019: Refuge Bay, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park HardN/A
10 June 2019: Kanning Cave, Kincumba Mountain Reserve Easy2 km
9 June 2019: Flat Head Beach, near Pearl Beach Medium2 km
2 June 2019: Mooney Mooney Creek and the Mooney Mega Cave Hard3 km
27 May 2019: Kangy Angy to Tangy Dangy Medium3 km
19 May 2019: Unnamed Beach near Patonga Medium1.5 km
12 May 2019: Arboretum Trail, Strickland State Forest Easy2 km
11 May 2019: Henry Kendall sites around Gosford HardN/A
4 May 2019: Piles Creek Loop, Girrakool Medium4.5 km
28 April 2019: Mooney Mooney Creek to Piles Creek suspension bridge Easy5 km
28 April 2019: Norah Head Lighthouse to the rock pool Easy3 km
21 April 2019: Catherine Hill Bay to Ghosties Beach sea cave Easy2 km
30 March 2019: Ironbark Creek Reserve, Mangrove Mountain Medium1 km
24 March 2019: Maitland Bay, Bouddi National Park Medium6 km
17 March 2019: Port Stephens walks EasyN/A
9 March 2019: Resolute Loop Trail, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Easy5 km
16 February 2019: Flint and Steel Beach, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Easy2 km
10 February 2019: West Head Army Track, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Medium1 km
31 December 2018: Sea Caves, Munmorah State Conservation Area Medium1 km
30 December 2018: Caves Beach Easy1 km
29 December 2018: Iron Ladder Beach and Box Head, Bouddi National Park Medium4 km
24 December 2018: Berowra Heights to Berowra Waters Medium6 km
8 December 2018: Winney Bay to Copacabana Easy3 km
13 October 2018: Brooklyn to Cowan via Brooklyn Dam and Jerusalem Bay Medium13 km
2 October 2018: Lobster Beach Easy1 km
15 September 2018: Berowra to Bobbin Head Medium8 km
12 August 2018: The Haven and Terrigal Skillion Easy1 km
29 July 2018: The head of Narara Creek, Strickland State Forest Hard6 km
17 June 2018: Mullet Creek Tunnel, near Wondabyne Medium8 km
8 April 2018: Rocky Ponds MediumN/A
31 January 2018: Cascade Gully Dam Hard3 km
22 January 2018: The wreck of the HMAS Paramatta HardN/A
3 October 2017: Pindar Cave Medium9 km

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